Power Flushing

Power Flushing

Does your radiator:

  • Feel cold?
  • Bleed dirty water?
  • Make funny noises?
  • Struggle to heat up?
  • Feel at different temperatures… depending upon where you touch it? broken down, we can provide emergency repairs within our hours of operation, as well as offering an emergency out of hours call out service

These are all signs and symptoms of a blocked radiator or blocked pipes.

Using the latest technology and equipment we can flush your central heating system both quickly and safely.

Power flushing enables blocked debris to be moved along the system allowing it to be removed and expelled allowing clear, clean water to flow throughout.

We use a high performance professional flush system to de-scale your system, while the magnacleanse offers the effective removal of sludge from your system.

If your system is displaying any of the above signs, then please feel free to give us a no obligation call on the above number to discuss whether you may be in need of a total system cleanse.

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